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Tree weight

Tree Weight : Facilitating the differentiation of flower bud and making the ideal tree shapes.

  • Tree Weight is an eco-friendly alternative existing cement weights or nut weights.
  • By restraining vegetative growth, transforming into generative growth and getting flower bud can be much easier.
  • Since you can put apple wherever you want with Tree Weight, getting high quality fruits, enough sunlight, stable tree shapes and avoiding biennial bearing can be possible.
Name of good Specifications Packing Unit Notes
Tree Weight 45
45g 500 pcs/box only for apple
Tree Weight 70
70g 300 pcs/box for apple, persimmon and other fruit trees
Tree Weight Case 22
60g 1000 pcs/sack Cases of Tree Weight 70(empty inside)
Fill up with sand or soil depending on purpose by yourself

Comparison of the size


  1. Putting the ring on the branch that you want to train.
  2. Lock the ring on the branch.
  3. Work complete. (Hanging the used Tree Weights on the wire make them easily recyclable in the next year)

Wrong way, Right way

Using videos


Comparison between conventional sinker and Tree Weight of Dain Industry

conventional sinker Tree Weight of Dain Industry
Since conventional Tree Weights are industrial half-finished goods, other materials and labor are necessary As it is a finished product only for fruit trees, you can use immediately.
Rising personnel expenses Reducing personnel expenses(simple directions)
Fatigue failure of wire occurs Solidness(detachable ring)
environmental pollution from tore down wire. Made of environmentally friendly materials
Low collection rate from difficulty of recognizing. Protecting fruits
Low collection rate due to discrimination difficulty High collection rate from distinguishable color
Damage on agricultural machines and human. Safe for agricultural machines and human
Single commodity. Various choices
Frequent falling Rarely fall from branches

Shaping apple trees by Tree Weight

Purpose of the task

  • By putting Tree Weight on wherever you want,
  • it restrains vegetative growth and transfer into generative growth,
  • securing flower buds and producing high quality fruits could be possible.

Time to shape trees

Division Appropriate time Notes
Young trees
from June to October Compared to using the wire, using a Tree Weight can save you a lot of effort.
Adult trees
1st- After winter pruning season
2nd-May to June
1st: Shaping branches even if there are no flower buds improves creation of fruiting spur and photo environment.
2nd: Securing flower buds by branch shaping in the last 10 days of June
2nd basal shoot from July to middle of September Nutrition from restrained second growth and photosynthesis makes hypertrophic fruits effects.
  • Basically, farm owners judge when to shape branches, missing the right timing happens frequently.
  • Since too many works are pressed in the spring, lack of labor is the common reason.
  • Shaping the branches in an appropriate time is the best but doing whenever you are free is still fine.

Tree shaping effect

Shaping the tree branches makes branches to stop grow and create flower bud

Before shaping the branch & After shaping the branch

Condition Present condition Note
Before shaping the branch Leaving watershoot after shaping tentillium tend to be happen a lot
This will make trees to grow only to upside but being not be nutritious and making no flower buds.
Branches with no flower buds will be cut in the winter.
( ) Putting Tree Weight on shoots makes the fore-end of branch to head the ground.

2 years old young branches
After shaping the branch The fore-end of tentillium maintains the degree bigger than horizontal level and apical dominancy. In case of M9, when shoot grows until 15cm, and in case of M26, 25 cm, shape branches selectively in the light of the location of fruit setting. Shaped shoot stops growing, creates flower bud at the end of the branch and flower buds get bigger at the same time. Stored nutrients through photosynthesis move to fruits and facilitate hypertrophy of the fruit in that year. In the next year, fruit spur on the tentillium should be shaped again by training shoot created after thinning out the superfluous fruits. You can just leave those not shaped branches for too many shoots on the tentillium and arrange them in the September. If you remove right after shaping the branches, the possibility of secondary growth of shoot would be high.
2 years old young branches

2 years old young branches



Company name : DAIN INDUSTRY INC. / CEO : Choi Jong Gweon / Address : (36815) 91, Miho-gil, Bomun-myeon, Techeon-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Company Registration Number : 516-87-00087 / TEL : +82 54 652 3725 / FAX : +82 54 655 3725


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