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Quick Tree weight

For quicker work and precise shaping; Quick to put, Quick Tree Weight.

  • Buttoned type tree weight makes quicker work.
  • More precise shaping minimizes secondary growth at the end of the branch.
Name of good
Quick Tree weight 45
Specifications 45g
Packing Unit 500EA
Name of good
Quick Tree weight 70
Specifications 70g
Packing Unit 300EA

Comparison of the size


  1. Put the branch into the empty space created by pressing the button
  2. and unite the branch by leaving the button.
  3. Work complete.(Hanging used Quick Tree Weight on the wire ease the recycle in the next year)

Using videos

Shaping apple trees by Tree Weight

Purpose of the task

  • By putting Tree Weight on wherever you want,
  • it restrains vegetative growth and transfer into generative growth,
  • securing flower buds and producing high quality fruits could be possible.

Time to shape trees

Division Appropriate time Notes
Young trees
from June to October Compared to using the wire, using a Tree Weight can save you a lot of effort.
Adult trees
1st- After winter pruning season
2nd-May to June
1st: Shaping branches even if there are no flower buds improves creation of fruiting spur and photo environment.
2nd: Securing flower buds by branch shaping in the last 10 days of June
2nd basal shoot from July to middle of September Nutrition from restrained second growth and photosynthesis makes hypertrophic fruits effects.
  • Basically, farm owners judge when to shape branches, missing the right timing happens frequently.
  • Since too many works are pressed in the spring, lack of labor is the common reason.
  • Shaping the branches in an appropriate time is the best but doing whenever you are free is still fine.

Tree shaping effect

Shaping the tree branches makes branches to stop grow and create flower bud

Before use & After use

Before use
After use

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