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Prevent sunburn damages.

  • High functioning diffused reflective sheet reduces sunburn damages effectively.
  • Strengthen by CALF fiber in the back side of the sheet makes better durability.
  • More detailed fiber tissues make higher diffused reflection rate and stain the whole tree equally.
Name of good Teruteru
Specifications 1.3Mx50M
Packing Unit 1role

Example in the farm

Characteristics of Teruteru (1) Diffused reflection

  • Preventing the biggest problem of conventional reflective sheet, sunburn damages.
  • The light scatter equally, not focused on a spot.
  • Dazzling while working was reduced.

Characteristics of Teruteru (2) Strong durability

  • Adding armature of CLAF fiber improves durability.
  • Since the side of the CLAF fiber faces the ground, it is much stronger to the pollution from the ground.

Example of CLAF fiber use : Strong and durable packing for vegetables.

Characteristics of Teruteru (3) High coverage range

  • Diffused lights scatter way further than other white-colored reflective sheets.
  • The cover range of diffused light is closely related to fiver tissues' details.
  • Teruteru's tissues are smaller and more scattered as following photo.

The result of measuring diffused light in 2m

Wood pulp fiber

Fiber of Teruteru
(More detailed tissues)

Felt fiber

Characteristics of Teruteru (4) Equal coloring

  • Staining equally will synchronize the harvest maturity.

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